On behalf of the Six Nations Chapter of The Pontiac Oakland Club International and now including GMC trucks we want to inform you of our car club. We are a group of auto enthusiast located in Central, N.Y. who hold monthly meetings and events from picnics, cruises and breakfasts along with many other fun activities. A nicer group of folks you will not find. We invite you to join our club and check us out on our web site @ www.cnypontiac.com or call our
Membership Chairman Tim Nichols at (315) 245-1982 timgto15@yahoo.com
President Natalie DiBiase at gto68nfd@gmail.com
for more information.

We look forward to helping you find another aspect to owning and enjoying your great choice of vehicle.

The history of Pontiac runs very deep, starting in 1926 a spin off of the Oakland automobile to offer an even better value. Their motto started off “Chief of the Sixes” for the strong engine offered and the Indian Chief the brand took to Honor as their namesake. The wonderful reliability they brought later earned them a theme through the years of the Silver Streaks of “Dollar for Dollar You Can’t Beat a Pontiac”. This was Followed by the “Wide Track” models of the late ‘50’s and ‘60’s and a horsepower race with “Put a Tiger in Your Tank”.  Muscle Cars with the legend of the GTO and Trans Am’s made driving fun and stylish and set trends for the auto industry. Pontiac builds cars for a youthful market to stay on the cutting edge and makes their saying “Built for Excitement” so true. Times have changed and stayed the same with great people like you buying Pontiacs & GMC’s.

For the past 30 years now our group has partnered with The Bill Rapp Super Store to put on one of the premier car shows in the Northeast United States. 
It brings together each year owners of every year Pontiac and now GMC Trucks to a reunion of like minded people who have that “Fuel for the Soul“ Pontiac now uses as their theme. It takes place the beginning of June each year and has become known as the place to be if you would like to take a trip from memory lane to the most current trend of Tuners. So come join us and see what pride in ownership produce as these vehicles bring another dimension to each of us from memories to dreams.

Application Process

Membership in the local chapter gives you the opportunity to share your interest and love of your Pontiac, Oakland, & or GMC Truck with people in your own area and with similar interests.

The local Chapter meets monthly with a varied program of events, including car shows, picnics, tours and holiday banquets and parties. We meet/eat the third Sunday of every month at 3:00 p.m.

The Chapter hosts a yearly car show at TheBill Rapp Super Store in Syracuse, NY, with classes for all years of Pontiacs, Oaklands, & GMC Tucks.

The Six Nations Chapter is proud of its family membership with spouses, children and friends all welcome to participate in our monthly activities.

If you are interested in joining Six Nations POCI you must be a member of our National Organization. "Pontiac Oakland Club International, Inc." Click Here to visit their site.

Six Nations is self-supporting with yearly family dues of $15.00.

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Please send the completed application to the address listed on the form, along with your check or money order for the appropriate amount
$15.00 for one year membership.